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Monday September 17th 2007
Tuesday September 18th 2007

Market of Opportunities
The Market of Opportunities will be held in
the Congresshalle foyer all day on each of the
two congress days. Bilingual kindergartens, project
initiators and commercial providers inform you about their work and their offers, and will also hold one-to-one talks.
8 a.m.
Welcome coffee
Chance for discussion
10.45 a.m.
Brief summary of previous day‘s activities

Dr. Thomas Pietzsch, Saarbrücken,
Eva Hammes-Di Bernardo, Saarbrücken

9 a.m.

Dr. Christa Preissing, Berlin
Learning, Multilingualism and the Brain
– a neuroscientific insight

9.45 a.m.

Dr. Katrin Hille, Ulm
Learning, Multilingualism and the Brain
– a neuroscientific insight
Moderation: Prof. Dr. Phil. Dieter Filsinger
10.30 a.m.
Coffee break
Chance for discussion
11 a.m.
Forum and Workshops (parallel events)
„Best Practice“ Forum
  Dr. Angela Gu adatiello, munich
Paradigm Shift in Approaches to Multilingualism in Germany
AWO Saar with the Dillingen and
Homburg-Erbach kindergartens

Bilingual Kindergartens and Cross-Border Partnerships
Ecoles Maternelles Liederschied and Gregersberg
A French Model for Language Teaching
(Talk in the French language)
Karin Ehinger, Roswitha Bebensee, Karlsruhe
Bilingual Kindergartens in the Rheinschiene
Danièle Sichter, Berlin
The German-French Kindergarten
Dr. Birgit Spengler, Saarbrücken
The „Signal“ Project – language promotion and intercultural education
Moderation: Myriam cocco, Metz
Aspects of Cross-Border and International Language Projects:
Bernd Seiwert, Saarbrücken
Carmen Herrmann, Merzig,
Martine Desse, Metz

The Moselle-Saarland INTERREG Project to Promote the Language of Our Neighbours
Steffi Hogan, Berlin
Offering Contacts, Ideas and Programmes – Europe-wide: EAFE and FMKS
Norbert Dyhringer, Dortmund,
Dr. Annette Lommel, Kiel

Offering Contacts, Ideas and Programmes – Europe-wide: EAFE and FMKS
Beate Widlok, munich
Goethe-Institut: Global Teaching of the German Language in Early Childhood
Moderation: Joachim Mohr, Saarbrücken
1 p.m.
Lunch break
  Lunch and the chance for discussion
2.30 p.m.
Moderated block of talks with three briefing papers
  An International Comparison of Multilingualism in Early Childhood
Dr. Wai Ming CHEUNG , Hong kong
Chinese and English in Hong Kong: pedagogic approaches to bilingual education in early childhood
(Talk in the English language)
Dr. Roland Verra, bozen
Three Languages Under One Roof
Dr. Monika Manz- Jáger, hungary
Targeted Bilingualism Using the Example of Hungarian-German Kindergartens
Moderation: Ulla Grob-Menges, Zürich
3.30 p.m.
Talks and Discussion (parallel events)
Different Continents, Different Models of Language Teaching
Siene Muniz, Recife Brazil
Initiatives und Perspectives of Bilingual Education in Brazil
Dr. Wai Ming CHEUNG, Hong kong
Dr. Monika Manz-Jáger, Baja

Further Examples from Asia (Talk in the English language) and Hungary
Moderation: Ulla Grob-Menges, Saarbrücken
Prof. Dr. Anemone Geiger- Jaillet, Strasbourg
New Concepts in Bilingual Education (Music and Language)
Moderation: Sandra Behrend
Horst Küppers, Neumünster
The Significance of Language and Foreign Language Preparation of European Educators
Moderation: Patric Kany, Saarbrücken
Dr. Bernhard Nagel, Christa Kieferle, Munich
Paths to Multilingualism: literacy in the family and in childs day-care facilities
Moderation: Prof. Dr. Charis Förster
4.30 p.m.
Coffee break
  Chance for discussion
5 p.m.
Closing talk
  Prof. Dr. Dr. Dr. Wassilios Fthenakis, Bozen
„It all depends how you start! Childhood and linguistic skills – the prospects“
Moderation: NN
6 p.m.
Informal close


Programme Monday september 17th 2007

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